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Services & pricing

People like to make payroll pricing really complicated but it doesn't need to be.

Below you can see our pricing for a typical payroll, one that uses all of our key services.

If you're interested we've included a list of all the services with prices. If there are any services you don't need let us know. You only pay
​ for what you use.

Standard pricing (includes pensions)

1-2 employees

A minimum charge applies that will cover a payroll up to 2 employees

£19.00 monthly

£13.00 weekly

Each additional employee

This is what you will pay for each additional employee over the 2 covered by the minimum charge

£3.50 monthly

£3.00 weekly

Each additional employee (>50)

For larger businesses you will pay less per employee over the first 50

£3.00 monthly

£2.75 weekly

There are no setup charges for existing payrolls.

If this is a new payroll there will be a setup charge of £60. This includes registering for PAYE, pension set up and pension declaration

Key  payroll services

Standard payroll

Minimum charge (1-2 employees)

£8.00 weekly

£14.00 monthly

Each additional employee (over 2)

£2.00 weekly

£2.50 monthly

>50 employees

£1.75 weekly

£2.00 monthly


Auto enrolment

FREE weekly

FREE monthly

Pension emails (initial assessment and enrolment)

FREE weekly

FREE monthly

Setting up a pension scheme with chosen pension provider

£20 one off charge for weekly

£20 one off charge for monthly

Declaration of compliance

£20 every 3 years for weekly

£20 every 3 years for monthly

Submission of pension data

£1 per employee (£5 minimum charge) weekly

£1 per employee (£5 minimum charge) monthly

Included at no extra cost

Payslips - electronically

FREE weekly

FREE monthly

Wages book - showing gross to net figures

FREE weekly

FREE monthly

Monthly summary - providing amounts due to HMRC

FREE weekly

FREE monthly

Dealing with all starters and leavers (and providing the necessary forms)

FREE weekly

FREE monthly

Providing P60's electronically

FREE weekly

FREE monthly

Electronic submissions to HMRC

FREE weekly

FREE monthly

Dealing with all statutory payment requirements (eg: SSP, SMP, SPP etc)

FREE weekly

FREE monthly

Additional services available on request

Need something not listed here? Just ask we're happy to provide bespoke services.

Ready to make your payroll painless?

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